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Timeline of British India


The Theosophical Society

in the Context of History


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1600 The East India Company (EIC) is formed,


1615 The company acquires it's first territory in Bombay.


1748 Anglo-French War In India.


1757 War of Plassey.


1792 The EIC defeats the Marathas and Tippu Sultan of Mysore.


1815 Ceylon is occupied by the British, who ferry Tamil workers from India


1816 Nepal becomes a British protectorate


1849 Britain annexes the Sikh kingdom of Punjab


1853 H P Blavatsky attempts but fails to enter Tibet    


1856-57 H P Blavatsky travels thought India, Kashmir, Ladakh, parts of Tibet, Burma


1857 Mutiny of the Indian Army at Barrackpore. 

The Rebellion becomes a War of Independence.


1858 Bahadur Shah Zafar, The Last Mogul, is proclaimed as Emperor. 


The Mutiny is Crushed and the Last Mogul Emperor is deposed. 


End of the East India Company's rule in India. 


1862 Bahadur Shah Zafar dies and this ends Mogul dynasty.  British Crown takes over India, beginning of the Raj.


1868 H P Blavatsky goes to India and Tibet with her Master


1869 Mahatma Gandhi born in Porbandar, Gujarat (Oct 2)


1872 Bombay-Delhi Railway is completed.


1877 Queen Victoria becomes the Empress of India.


1878-1880 Second Anglo-Afghan War.


1879 Colonel Olcott and H P Blavatsky arrive in India


1879- H P Blavatsky launches her first magazine, The Theosophist, in October, which resulted in rapid growth of Theosophical work in India, 1879-83. 


1880 - Blavatsky and Olcott the two founders of the Theosophical Society toured Sri Lanka on behalf of Buddhism


1881  Blavatsky and Olcott convert themselves to Buddhism


1882 - The headquarters of the Society moves to its present site in Adyar, Madras. H P Blavatsky makes various tours of India between her arrival in 1879 and her visit to Europe in 1884.


1884 H P Blavatsky leaves India and does not return


1884/5  Pandjeh Crisis Triggered by Russian occupation of the Pandjeh, a disputed territory in eastern Afghanistan.  British opposition came close to bringing Russia and Britain to war. Resolved by Russia agreeing to Britain's demand to not extend occupation beyond the Oxus.


1885 Indian National Congress is formed. A O. Hume is a founder member but had left the Theosophical Society in 1882.


1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.


1901 North West Frontier Province created to settle border dispute with Afganistan


1904 British troops occupy Tibet


1905 Partition of Bengal by Viceroy Lord Curzon provokes unrest and is revoked in 1912. Demands for Indian Home Rule increase at this time.


1906 The All-India Muslim League is founded


1916 The Lucknow Pact unites the Indian National Congress and the All-India Muslim League in their fight for independence from Britain


1917 Indian authorities clamp down on Indian Independence Movement – Interment notices served on Annie Besant, George Arundale and B P Wadia. Lifted by order of British Home Secretary.


1919 Jalianwala Bagh Massacre, Amritsar:- Troops commanded by British Officer kill 379 and wound 1200. This leads to a distancing of Mohandes K Gandhi from Annie Besant and effectively ends Annie Besant’s hopes of a British India Commonwealth.


1920 Mahatma Gandhi founds the non-violent liberation movement Satyagraha



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Wales is a Principality within the United Kingdom

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The land area is just over 8,000 square miles.

Snowdon in North Wales is the highest mountain at 3,650 feet.

The coastline is almost 750 miles long.

 The population of Wales as at the 2001 census is 2,946,200.